More Reviews In 5 Secs With Tap Review Cards

Award-winning UK collection of digital business review cards, social media follow tags, and stickers for signage.

Each one of our single-tap NFC cards incorporates cutting-edge Tap-to-Share NFC technology, setting a new standard in the industry.

Our customized offerings leverage the potential of NFC technology, enabling immediate data transfer to any smartphone with just a simple touch.

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Secure Top-Rated Reviews in a Flash!

Building a strong online reputation and getting positive reviews from your customers has never been easier.

At OneTap Review UK, we have built our reputation on our vast expertise in cultivating online communities and generating constructive digital feedback, particularly on Google. We offer easy-to-use solutions to help you quickly accumulate superior reviews from your patrons, expand your follower base, and transform your customers into your most valuable marketing resource. The result? A surge in clientele, an enhanced Google online presence, and a rise in sales!

Your business flourishes on the input of your customers. Engaging with your patrons is a daily activity. Grab the opportunity to gain their opinions.

Lots of customers shy away from giving reviews due to the lack of time or confusion about where and how to post them online.

Our NFC-enabled review cards streamline this process. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, they guide your customers directly to the review platform, making it effortless for them to share their experiences. By simplifying the review process, we help you capture genuine feedback more frequently, driving your business towards greater success.

Product Features

Our ‘Review‘ and ‘Follow Us‘ cards are crafted with premium materials and integrate the most advanced NFC and QR code technologies.

What Customers Have To Say

The success of your business or profile depends

on Smarter Networking

Streamlined Review Experience

Our innovative ‘Review’ and ”Follow Us’ cards make leaving reviews a breeze for UK customers. With just a quick tap or scan, they can effortlessly share their feedback, increasing the likelihood of receiving more valuable reviews.

Boosted Interaction Levels

These cards enable a more hands-on method for consumers to engage with your brand, encouraging more recurrent and instant interactions compared to online prompts only. This tangible approach can cultivate improved engagement levels.

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Established Credibility & Trust

Build a strong reputation for your business in the UK with enhanced credibility and trust. Our platform makes it easier for your customers to leave positive reviews, ultimately boosting your brand’s credibility and increasing the trust potential customers place in your company.

Efficient Marketing Asset

Each card functions as a compact yet high-impact marketing asset, merging cutting-edge technology with physical engagement. This produces an affordable technique to expand your online visibility and nurture organic expansion. Attain an open-ended collection of feedback and supporters from every tap.


During checkout, input your business details in the Cart. This ensures we can perfectly integrate your information with our platform, paving the way for an error-free experience.

Hand over the contactless ready to use Google Review card to your customer. Powered by advanced NFC technology, all they need to do is bring their smartphone close to the card. They will be instantly directed to your Google Review page to write a review.

  • Display the Google Review card to your client.
  • With a swift scan or tap, they access the card’s contents.
  • Your Google Review submission form springs to life on their device.
  • They leave their valuable feedback, bolstering your online presence. The customer journey can take as little as 4 seconds.
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